Welcome! I'm Rachel, a student at Northeastern University with a passion for all things food. Finding individuals with a similar interest amongst the hoards of dining hall cheeseburger-enthusiasts has proved challenging, but I've quickly learned that one mustn't be deterred, even in the presence of Kraft American Singles.

While searching beyond the realm of grade-4 meat, and balancing my love of pie with pilates, I study what we should eat, what we actually eat, and why. I started this blog to as an outlet for science-based food musings and recipes that benefit mind, body and, of course, 

I don't encourage an adherence to any specific diet. A healthy life-style can, and should, encompass different elements that vary from person to person. If I said, "Veganism is the best way to live, unless you hate baby animals and happiness..." that would be pose several problems (aside from being an abrasive, radical weirdo.) You'd be absolutely correct to interpret that as...

...rather than:

The same principles apply to eating animal products. 

The best advice I can give as a young, curious, health-nut (who is still learning, still torn between the idea of good and bad foods, and still occasionally finishes an entire container of chocolate covered almonds at 3 a.m.) is this: Eat whole, unpackaged, unprocessed foods, raised without chemicals. Whether that be an egg or a banana, a piece of fish or walnuts... the category of plant or animal food is less important than the food itself. 

Too much of any good thing can be a bad thing, and everything should be enjoyed in moderation. Including moderation. Enjoy what you eat, and be educated about it as well. Ignorance might be blissful for the ignorant, but that's only until they find themselves undergoing coronary artery bypass graft surgery. Plus, it's often detrimental to everyone and everything else involved. Put health before dieting. Focus on nutrition, and you'll see the physical results based on what you consume. Simply subtracting calories won't do you any permanent good (after all, I could eat a low-cal diet of nothing but Twinkies and bacon if I tried.) 

When not thinking about/making/researching/eating/reviewing/photographing food, you can find me studying or roaming around the city of Boston. I love cephalopods, music festivals, my mom, almond milk, jet skiing, animals, the smell of waffle cones, reading & writing. I hope you enjoy this little gastronomic outlet, and feel free to contact me if you have any questions. 

[This site is friendly towards the creatures: lactose and gluten-intolerant folks, vegetarians, vegans, "normal people", health-nuts, science nerds who enjoy eating, late-night blog stalkers, hoofed and feathered creatures.]