Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Just A Note About My Not Being Dead

To my dearest esteemed colleagues: I haven't disappeared from the blogosphere for good, I've simply decided to step up my game. I recently enrolled in advanced photography and am waiting to publish posts until I have Bon Apetit worthy photos to accompany the text. That way, even if you loathe science, there are still pretty pictures to keep you entertained.

I've decided that in order to get the ball rolling (or at least be noticed more often by hungry, wandering eyes), the images need to be out of this world (or at least not taken on my point and shoot). Little did I know that half of blogging is photography.... but the veil has been lifted and I'm officially on board. I have lots of things lined up, they just lack the beautiful and enticing pictures that evokes sighs of desire and salivation onto one's keyboard.

Don't worry, though, it's coming.

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